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Knee replacement new technology may help your surgeon perform a safe, personalized and accurate total knee replacement.

One of the latest advances in knee replacement technology includes augmented reality assisted surgery utilizing the NextAR Knee.


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Augmented Reality
knee replacement surgery
NextAR Knee, Augmented Reality surgical application for your knee replacement surgery
knee replacement surgery pictures - preoperative planning

You deserve a knee replacement procedure personalized for your unique anatomy!

The NextAR Knee Augmented Reality surgical application is a new knee replacement technology that leverages the latest advances in Augmented Reality to provide your specially trained surgeon with real-time information about your specific knee anatomy.

This allows the surgeon to tailor the placement of your knee prosthesis just for you, potentially increasing accuracy and facilitating your knee mobility recovery.

did you know
Augmented Reality is a computer-based technology providing with virtual content into the actual environment. This technology has been used for more than 30 years in cutting-edge fields such as aerospace and avionics.
How NextAR knee replacement surgery works
Why NextAR knee replacement surgery?

NextAR Knee can provide useful data on your knee anatomy and therefore streamline the operational workflow in the operating room (OR) through preoperative knee planning based on your unique anatomy. The technology can also allow the surgeon to achieve far greater precision during your knee treatment.

NextAR Knee Augmented Reality surgical application may enable the surgeon to perform a less traumatic knee replacement surgery, reduce the knee replacement recovery time, and possibly aid in a faster rehabilitation.

Knee replacement Technology
A procedure tailored for you
Knee replacement surgery pictures - NextAR Knee
Improved accuracy compared to traditional procedures17
Knee replacement surgery pictures - NextAR Knee
Stable knee with GMK Sphere13,14
Knee rehab exercises - Patient Optimized Pathway (POP)
Always connected with your medical team (Only with POP, Patient Optimized Pathway)
Knee replacement Technology
Technology in your surgeon’s hands

Every year, thousands of patients experience an improved quality of life after knee joint replacement surgery. The main benefits of a successful total knee replacement are: reduction of knee pain, recovery of mobility, and improvement in quality of life18,19.

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Knee replacement Technology Knee replacement Technology
MyKnee logo
3D technology
MyKnee patient-matched surgical instrument

MyKnee is one of the latest knee replacement technologies developed by Medacta. This technology features a 3D Printed surgical instrument that is tailored for you, allowing it to accurately fit your knee.

The MyKnee technology respects your anatomy when the bones are prepared for surgery but does have a few unique preoperative steps. Here is what you can expect:

The MyKnee journey
Knee replacement Technology
You will have a 3D scan (CT or MRI) of your knee to obtain an image.
Knee replacement Technology
Your knee will be replicated using the 3D scans. Using this information, Medacta will create a 3D model of your knee joint and personalized surgical instruments.

Knee replacement surgery pictures - preoperative planning
Your surgeon will adjust the setting of your MyKnee plan to match your anatomy and plan the position of your final knee implant.
Knee replacement Technology
Prior to knee replacement surgery, your surgeon will receive the 3D printed MyKnee instruments and the 3D bone models that are specific to your knee. These instruments will be used to perform your knee replacement surgery.
Knee replacement Technology

Why MyKnee replacement technology instead of conventional procedures?

Surgical instruments are used to prepare the bone for proper positioning of a knee prosthesis. In conventional knee replacement surgery, surgical instruments are the same for all patients.

This means the instrumentation must be adjusted by the surgeon during the procedure to achieve satisfactory positioning for each patient.


MyKnee is a knee replacement technology that uses instruments designed for your unique anatomy. These instruments are made with innovative 3D printing technology, which offers a very accurate manufacturing process and the highest design flexibility to match your knee anatomy.

After analyzing a diagnostic image of your leg, Medacta’s engineers provide your surgeon with an instrument that is designed and manufactured specifically for your knee replacement and approved by your surgeon on the basis of computer-aided planning.

Patient Optimized Pathway (POP) logo
Recovery path
Patient App
POP - Patient Optimized Pathway

With the help of knee replacement new technology, your surgical team can design your care pathway based on your needs and unique knee anatomy. POP, or Patient Optimized Pathway, is an easy-to-use interactive tool enabling you to stay connected with your medical team.

Knee rehab exercises - Patient Optimized Pathway (POP)

POP also offers unique education materials to help you prepare for your knee replacement surgery. Following your procedure, POP is there for you by providing monitoring and rehabilitation support, including knee rehabilitation exercises.

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